03 September 2009

IKEA Changes It Up

For the last 50 years, IKEA has used Futura as its typeface for everything from its catalog to signage. Now change has come to the use of Futura. IKEA has decided to switch typefaces to Verdana. I feel that Futura does give a touch more modern feel that has been the basis to the IKEA brand. The official explanation states it will allow them to use the same typeface in all the world markets they reach in both print and web use. Any thoughts on the change? See and read more at idsgn.


iva yaneva said...

many people don't like IKEA because of its mass production. I kind of disagree, because high quality mass production teaches masses to value good design.

As for the font, I agree. The Futura one is much more distinguishing and recognizable.

Daniel Gross said...

Thank you for the comments Iva. I also think IKEA has been a great way to spread good design to the masses.