19 August 2009

Being Blind

As designers it is hard for us to imagine being blind. Today while searching around on the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Catalog, I stumbled on to this interesting image of blind children playing "hide and seek". I felt a bit uncomfortable thinking about the image coming from a world of the seeing. Two other images can be seen below that where also found at the LOC. The photographs are interesting examples of life is a world that is difficult for most of us to fully understand and relate to on a daily basis. I am happy to have good vision and am thankful daily that it allows me to do the job I do. Maybe we should all consider the worlds that others must face daily and allow those thoughts to have an influence upon us and our designs.

On a related link, Boing Boing has a cool historic news video of Helen Keller and her teach Anne Sullivan today at this link.

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