14 March 2009

Multi-Tasking in the Car

I am sure we all do a bit of multi-tasking in the car. Here in the L.A. area we spend a great deal of time in the car and a great deal of time just sitting, especially on a Friday afternoon. You most likely talk on the phone (hopefully hands free), listen to music, having a quick bite, write down a short reminder note or play with your gps.

Well yesterday on my drive home I spied a "new" one while sitting in traffic. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw this lady folding her cloths. She continued her task at hand for miles, folding a new article at each stop light. After that was completed I noticed her putting on make-up then finally reading the magazine (I believe it was People by seeing the layout). I do want to say she only did these tasks while being stopped at the lights. Last I saw she was getting on the I-5 freeway heading North. I have to give this lady an award for the Best Multi-Tasking I have seen in a car.

(Yes, I know I was multi-tasking too taking these photos but it was safely stopped at a light also.)

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