30 March 2009

Flying High - Design of Airline Uniforms

Airlines represent glamour, countries, and culture. All of these are well represented at a website by Cliff Muskiet that hosts 819 different stewardess uniforms from 352 airlines. Not only do we get a chance to view current airline wear but many historical designs, patterns, logos and emblems from airlines of the past. This is a delightful collection that will inspire and intrigue. To view the complete collection visit Cliff's website uniformfreak.com.


monique said...

I treasure my vintage AirFrance travel bag (that I found at the Goodwill no less.) Loved this entry!
Thanks for sharing

Prêt à Voyager said...

awesome...korean air truly wowed me in terms of style!



Daniel Gross said...

Good airlines seem to take pleasure in the details like good design. Thanks for the comments.