30 December 2010

May The Type Force Be With You

I received information from Sabrina Di Gergorio at H-57 Creative Station in Milan who created these great type based "Star Wars" posters.
We have created 3 posters using typefaces, which is one of our greatest passions. The posters, as you can see from the pictures that the allegations, are Darth Vader, Yoda and Stormtrooper, 3 characters from Star Wars.

This is a particular interpretation of the characters obtained using different typefaces and only letters, to compose the picture.
We've made just to show our love and passion for design and typography, and, secondly, our love for the Star Wars saga.
Currently it looks like they are working out the bugs to go retail with these posters. They are sure to make a nice addition to your design studio for the upcoming year and show your love for all things type. Please check their website for information about there release.

May the Type Force be with you in the coming year.

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