27 August 2008

Eva Font by OurType

I found this font inspired by the product designer Eva Zeisal from the type foundry of OurType in Europe. Eva Zeisal who will turn 102 in November has been an inspiration to many designers. This font by OurType is organic in it's sans serif format. The line of this font are gracious and refined like Eva herself. The font comes in 12 weights from normal to black and would make an excellent type for both both copy and headlines. OurType describes this font as the following-

Named after the warm, organic work of ceramicist Eva Zeisel, Eva defies the popular image of a sans, thanks to the contrast in its strokes and the freedom with which they have been drawn. This friendly personality provides added interest at larger sizes, yet Eva also has a notable clarity, and it works well for setting continuous text. Indeed, it was Zeisel’s “playful search for beauty” that is the crucial connection between her and her audience. Designer Merel Matzinger and Smeijers hope their typeface achieves a similar feeling.

I now need to persuade a client that they must have this font so I can get a copy. To view or purchase this font visit their site at www.ourtype.be

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