02 April 2008

Book of the Week #1 > Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far, Stefan Sagmeister

This latest book by Stefan Sagmeister is wonderful. It is based on thoughts he noted in his diary during a yearlong studio sabbatical in 2000. Some of the thoughts included “Everything I do always comes back to me”, “Trying to look good limits my life”, “Helping other people helps me” and “Everybody always thinks they are right”. When he returned to the studio he had clients ask him to “just design”. He went back to his diary and started to visually show his thoughts. All the designs where commissioned by his clients. The book is a series of these thoughts shown through photos of the final piece and an explanation of the project. The book design is made up of folios that you can read then placed behind the cover to create a new cover. The design of the book is wonderful. It is not a “how to” design book but a book that lets you understand one of our great designers working today. I had the chance to meet Stefan last August while taking a class from Milton Glaser. He presented this series. Stefan is a wonderful person, full of passion, and I hope he continues to push the boundaries between art and design.

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Steph said...

Thanks for pointing this one out Danny! I must be living under a rock.