02 February 2012

NPCA Logo Revision

The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), an independent, nonpartisan voice working to address major threats facing the National Park System. NPCA was established in 1919. The mission of the NPCA is to protect and enhance America’s National Park System for present and future generations. They have continued to be a strong voice in this cause over the years.

To enhance its voice, the NPCA has revised their logo to better service over a variety of mediums from print to digital media. The redesign was performed by NPCA's Graphic Designer, Annie Riker.

The redesign is elegant and respectful of the long history of the NPCA and their mission. I believe the mark makes a bold statement and projects the strength of this worthy organization.

Annie Riker explains,
"Our previous logo served us well for almost fifty years, but had come to look dated and traditional. My goal was to create something clear, clean, memorable, and, most importantly, readable across all media—from Twitter and Facebook to publications and event invitations.

Our intent was to make the change be an evolution, not a revolution."
You can read a complete article about the design process that Annie Riker took at the newly designed Park Advocate, the NPCA's blog.

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