25 June 2011

Denver Art Museum - DAM Fine Art

A visit to the Denver Art Museum (DAM) was pure joy to the heart and soul. I expected to see an amazing work of architecture by Daniel Libeskind for the Hamilton Building and it was. What I did not expect was the fine collections housed in the Denver Art Museum. The collection had a strong emphasis on Western art from historical to modern. The museum showcased a nice collection of classics and contemporary works. The museum dedicates several areas to design and furniture and is home to the AIGA collection. The design areas are well displayed and reminds me of a visit to the MOMA. A nice surprise are "reading / exploration rooms" throughout the museum. These spaces allow you to relax and look at a book about the subject you just viewed. The museum is also very children friendly with actives and exhibits just for them. The Denver Art Museum was a pleasant surprise just East of the Rockies with a collection that will fill your needs and inspire. When you are in the Denver area, you must put the Denver Art Museum on you must see list. You will love this happy surprise of an art museum.

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