30 November 2010

Flying High - History of Airships

(My image of the Tustin Airbase Blimp Hanger, CA)

The vision of flight has been with mankind since the earliest of times. The development of flight was first achieved in balloons and airships prior to winged airplanes. Floating and moving so slowly above the ground, airships where a principle means to transport people and a military use early in the 1900s. I found this excellent website and blog, Airships: The Hindenburg and Other Zeppelins that gives a history of these vehicles. The site also has collected wonderful images from the period of airships and crews. This site is well worth a visit from an educational perspective, the design of airships and the rich photographs. Airships: will inspire and enrich.

In modern times, most of our experiences are with the Goodyear blimp flying high above a sporting event giving us an unique view of the game. Today, airships are also making a slow comeback for tourist use so all can experience the form of flight from groups such as Airship Ventures. Plan your adventure and if you take a flight, I would love to see photos. Someday I hope to myself take a scenic tour on a blimp, it has long been a desire to float above and view the world at a pace you can enjoy.

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