02 August 2010

Angry Paul Rand

Paul Rand is angry and speaking from designer heaven on his twitter account. Paul Rand who was an American graphic designer, best known for his corporate logo designs, including the logos for IBM, UPS, Enron, Westinghouse, and ABC, is coming back to give us designers words of advice. Angry Paul Rand rants include the likes of:
"You kids keep worrying about what tools you should use for making design. You know what I used? A pencil, a dry martini and some balls."

"You kids still use pasteups & Letraset for graphic design, right? I'd shoot myself if I had to use that unreliable Adobe shit every day."

"Sometimes, Müller-Brockmann and I would get shitfaced and design stuff *off* the grid. We were such crazy bastards back then."

"David Carson set an article in Dingbats. I once downed too many vodka gimlets and puked on a press sheet. At least mine made fucking sense."

"We had the Internet in my day, too. They called it "the yellow pages" and they delivered it right to you. Twitter was called a "telegram."

"I was making the most amazing graphic design in history when you were still fucking around with Comic Sans and a Sharpie."
The Angry Paul Rands makes frequent post and is well worth the follow on Twitter for a daily laugh. I love his historical references to design from the past. I hope someday he explains why he ripped off Egyptian Hieroglyphics for the silly IBM poster. Keep Angry Paul Rand, I will keep following and I hope you will too!

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