02 June 2010

Emeco 111 Navy Chair Anew

Emeco has been a long time favorite of mine over the years. They make fabulous chairs that I have long admired but have not been able to afford on a designer/teacher salary. (Still looking for vintage ones at yard sales)

Now Emeco has gotten together with Coke for a design anew. Take 111 recycled Coke bottles and make a design classic. From Classic Coke to a classic design, is the outcome of this venture. Emeco has designed their 111 Navy Chair out of the recycled bottles (get it, 111 bottles, the 111 Chair) in a variety of colors to go with any decor. The new 111 Navy Chair is available in six colors: Red, Snow, Flint Gray, Grass Green, Persimmon and Charcoal. Snow, Flint and Red can be used outdoors. This "new" Navy Chair is based on the original design of the 1006 Navy Side Chair. The original chair is made out of aluminum and constructed to last a life time on a Navy vessel. The 111 Navy Chair follows all the original lines in its form but now contributes a new use for recycled plastic, a lower cost and modern design that will be a classic. Read more at the Emeco site for the 111 Navy Chair and to purchase in the US go to Design Within Reach.

Now to save up my recycled bottles, turn them into cash, and buy a pair of 111 Navy Chairs in Red.

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