06 May 2010

The Amazing Facadeprinter

facadeprinter.org - three stones from Facadeprinter on Vimeo.

Printing on a wall usually comes with many difficult challenges, the Facadeprinter solve those challenges. The Facadeprinter is a fun and innovative way to communicate a message on a large scale.

The Facadeprinter is a simple, software controlled robot. It consits of a two axis turn table and an airpressure printhead. The printer shoots the artwork from a distanced position dot by dot onto the chosen area. According to this method inaccessible and also uneven surfaces can be printed on. Buildings can be displayed without costly scaffolding.

The Facadeprinter is a large scale communication tool. Print- esthetic and method are distinguishly different from conventional print- and advertising tecniques. Artworks are applied onto the walls directly, like the drawings of a `magic pen´. At present the maximum print dictance is 12 meters, the maximum print height is arround 8 meters. The shooting frequencey is up to 5 dots per second.
The Facadeprinter was designed by two product-designers, Martin Fussenegger and Michael Sebastian Haas in Germany. It has been used in several applications and shows. One interesting application is as a way to mark locations during emergencies for those seeking assistance.
I think we will be seeing more of the creative tool in the future for both artistic and informational needs.

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