03 June 2008

From Lady Liberty to the Stars and Stripes

The Museum of Craft and Folk Art in San Francisco is showing American Symbols: From Lady Liberty to the Stars and Stripes. This show explores the collection of Kit Hinrichs the renowned graphic designer and partner at Pentagram, San Francisco. The collection consists of a graphical history of the flag and seal of the USA as its used in design, folk art and craft. This intriguing collection of objects shows America from the patriotic such as flag quilts to the commercial with Campbell’s Soups advertising. Celebration and pride are show along with period of protest through the symbols of Americana. Kit’s collection is wonderful to observe and shows the many mediums that are used to show the symbols of America over time. If you are in the San Francisco area go check out this exhibit. It is showing now until August 3 at the MOCFA.

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